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What Is ARG’s Indigenous Work Talent Academy All About?

At last, there’s a solution that lets you fulfil your social responsibility and workforce diversity commitment while at the same time gaining high-quality human resource assets for your organisation.

That’s what the ARG Work Talent Academy is all about – recruiting, training and developing indigenous people who are ready, willing and able to work.

It’s an holistic approach for matching Indigenous people to work roles to which they are suited and in which they “want to” build a career.

At last, there’s a solution that reduces the cycle of “training for the sake of training”.

Our graduates are aware of what it takes to be a “complete player” on and off the field. This gives you a pool of talented workers who not only have purpose in their work lives but also in their personal lives.

All our graduates will be LifeFit and highly prepared to commence specific hard-skill training requirements for jobs they are about to commence.

ARG’s Contract Services team always like a challenge, and they are ready to train and up-skill our recruits with the specific skills and compliance development needed for your job role requirements.

How Does The Indigenous Work Talent Academy Work?

We Build A Foundation For Future Players

We understand that Resource Corporations require good players “on and off the field” to add to their organisational success.

However, finding good “players” is a costly exercise. The induction and on-boarding process to “play the game” when not completed properly can quickly turn into a wasted cost rather than an investment into the organisation.

We all need to “Get It Right”.

We understand that when we provide an individual to your organisation, you want to know that this person will have the right “Attitude and Soft Skills” to assist their growth and development in becoming a safe, reliable, productive and valued team member.

And that’s exactly where the foundations of our Work Talent Academy Lie – we look to develop “Drive” in our recruits.

You Get Players With Drive

Regional Economic Development (RED) is driven by a strong and efficient Pit and Paddock to PORT support network for our primary resources industries.

We also need to ensure the “Environment” both ecologically and commercially is nurtured and sustainable for the long term.

Commercial SHARING of RED OPPORTUNITIES will only be available to those who are willing, ready and able to “play their part in the game”.

Our Activities Create Indigenous Talent

Here at ARG we understand there are certain core activities that create work talent to be capable to contribute to organisational success. Through the following activities we create valuable indigenous work communities for your organisation.

1) Awareness and knowledge of the resources industry being played now and into the future in our regions

2) How and why you can play

3) Roles that suit you in the game

4) Experience the game being played

5) “Complete Players” get to play

6) Play for a team

What This Means For Your Organisation

The game we’re playing is one where all stakeholders win. It’s a solution never before developed and here’s all the benefits your organisation will gain from our Indigenous Work Talent Academy:

  • You Get Access To Our Talent Pool. That’s right, you’ll get access to a talent pool of work ready “Complete Players” who know the roles they are best suited to and that they “want to” play in.

  •  You Get Talent Quickly. Our holistic approach is an investment for matching people to roles they are suited and can build a career. We are reducing the cycle of “training for training’s sake”.

  • You Get Access To Our Pipeline For Job Outcomes. We now have a pipeline for job outcomes to take to and supply Indigenous talent to the Mining, Energy, Civil, Agriculture and Environmental resources sector clients.

  • You Become Part Of Our Team. We value our clients and when you play on ARG’s Project Services team you become part of our team.

Here’s How To Contact Us

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