The Right Solutions For Building A Diverse Workforce

At ARG, we have the right solution for you. Whether you need one-on-one, hands on help or you simply need a product solution to diversify your workforce, we’ve created the right solutions for your organisation.

ARG provides an array of products and services to build your culturally diverse workforce.

Below you’ll find a full list of products in different categories to help you build a quality and diverse workforce.

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Education Solutions

LifeFit Program

Targeting “complete player” awareness and emotional intelligence.  E-Motion is Energy in Motion.  A holistic approach to understanding how you think and realising what you like doing is the foundation to personal and work success.

WorkFit Program

Job-specific (hard skills) and compliance training programs aligned to clients operational requirements and a nationally recognised qualification wherever possible.


Coaching and support programs for work communities and high schools.

Business and Heritage

Ensuring business and heritage culture work complimentary in your organisation.

Recruitment, Contracting & Consulting

Product Solutions

Goanna Landscape Range

  • Goanna Mulch
  • Goanna Soil Nutrition 
  • Goanna Native Tree Rootstocks 

Product Distributors

Talk to ARG today to see if we have a “fit” in distributing your product solutions to add value to the great companies we deal with.


Dust and soil stabiliser solutions utilising new chemistry and technologies. Please enquire for more information on our contact us page or via the phone on 0458 060 873

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