Business Is Now Aboriginal Peoples’
New Sport – Let’s Play!

Business Is Now Aboriginal Peoples’ New Sport – Let’s Play!

The Aboriginal Resource Group (ARG) brings a brand new academy model to the table, and it’s setting up the new way to play.

ARG was founded by Cory Robertson in mid-2013. As a 100% privately owned Aboriginal business, our resource group has worked closely with industries and stakeholders to become a key player in the arena of providing indigenous work talent and contact services to corporations and businesses across Australia.

ARG only plays in a game where value can be delivered and achieved profitably for all stakeholders.

In Cory Robertson’s own words, “We Play to win Sustainable Trust with all our clients. Being privately owned, we have plenty of ‘skin in the game’ to manage all stakeholders risk to achieve the sustainable trust required for the long term.

ARG is the broker for sharing commercial opportunities between resource companies to create and build on a relationship of Indigenous participation in employment and support enterprise pursuits that add value.

We understand the need to increase social capital returns as well as workforce diversity for our clients and to have capacity building for local Aboriginal communities.

Our “Done For You” solution relies on an holistic approach and support for our Indigenous team members who “play the game”.

ARG is a “social business” focused on assisting our clients to achieve “community well-being” in the towns they serve. We have innovative models that are able to estimate the tangible, intangible and strategic cost and efforts in Indigenous participation as a Return On Investment (ROI) percentage.

With A New Game You Need Good Players! We have an alliance network which is working to achieve the same goals as us… Plus our advisory board gives us years of invaluable business experience across multiple industries.

We’ve got the right systems and processes in place to help our clients meet their social responsibility and workforce diversity commitments. Below you’ll find our Alliance Network & Advisory Board. These are the people and organisations we continue to work with to realise the potential of indigenous people and communities for your organisation.

Meet The ARG Advisory Board

Mr Simon Bowen is one of Australia’s Leading Management Consultants, Executive Coach, Facilitator, CEO Advisor and Author.  His company Rosscrae International is highly sought after for consultancy, change agent and facilitation by heads of Government, military and the private sector.

Simon has been able to contribute to some of the most interesting projects available, whilst still pursuing his personal mission to     “re-humanise the corporation.  His specialities include Leadership Development, team development, structured training, facilitation, sales and marketing, performance measurement, mentoring and coaching.

Mr Kevin Chandler is the co-founder of Chandler MacLeod Group and CEO of Chandler HR. He is a psychologist who has substantial CEO evaluation experience as well as developing innovative processes in the HR space including the CmyPeople suite of job matching tools.

Kevin was involved in building the Chandler MacLeod Group from scratch, starting with a greenfield approach and opening 9 offices in year 1 which now spands to 75 offices in Australasia and turn-over in excess of A$1billion. Kevin’s specialities are business building, performance management, leading high performing professional and executive teams.

Mr Brett Barlee has devoted a large part of his life to addressing Australia’s $6Billion “job ready gap” as a thought leader, strategist and practitioner of leading edge programs and services within the commercial, government and higher education sectors. Brett helps to create  value where business and education converge.

Brett is an Entrepreneur having developed several businesses from scratch, as well as having   MBA, Post Grad Deg Adult Ed and BA Rec qualifications

Mr Peter Roser is an experienced mining and resources manager with over 20 years mining executive and senior management and 30 years mining operations management positions.   With experience in four mining states and territories of Australia and expertise in strategic planning, restructuring operations, greenfield and brownfield operations  Peter’s knowledge of mining and people is extremely valuable.

Peter has worked for both mining and tier 1 principal contractors companies which include, Peabody Energy, NRW Holdings, Thiess Mining and Downer Edi Mining.

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