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Is Your Organisation Meeting Its Social Responsibility And Workforce Diversity Goals?

If you’re an Australian company struggling with effective and sustainable Indigenous engagement solutions, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at ARG, we believe business is the “new sport” for the Indigenous Community. We excel at helping organisations start at “have to” and with the provision of quality indigenous work talent and contract services move to a “want to” to continually meet their social responsibility and workforce diversity goals.

Here’s How ARG Helps You Meet Your Social Responsibility Goals AND Creates Valuable Human Resource Assets For Your Organisation?

ARG’s purpose is to connect communities and great companies so all stakeholders can share in sustainable commercial opportunities .

ARG understands that “Commerce is the Cornerstone of a Community” and that many companies across Australia have been struggling with effective and sustainable Indigenous engagement solutions that
succeed at a business and community level.

Economies around the world strive for AAA Credit Ratings to demonstrate they are a good place to do business; they are solid, sustainable and capable.

In the world of business today, the “social license to operate” is everything, public scrutiny and social judgment are the new “court of law” and authentic reputation is the only defence. ARG can get your business AAA rated with our model for:

For ARG Business is the new sport in town. We are committed to creating a “game worth playing” for all players who are fit, willing and able to play their role in creating a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

That’s why ARG will work with select groups of progressive Australian companies with workforces of over 500 employees. Therefore we can create that “game worth playing” for Indigenous communities and at the same time help the company meet their quadruple bottom line operating requirements of:

1Financial Responsibility

2Social Responsibility

3Environmental Responsibility

4Cultural Responsibility

So How Can ARG Actually Help You?

The core problem ARG solves for our clients is meeting their social responsibility in supplying jobs and business partnerships to Indigenous people in the communities where they operate.

ARG understands that companies need to be able to demonstrate and measure the ROI in all areas of their business.

We assist our clients with innovative models that can measure  investment in Aboriginal participation and community connection.  The below model is a summary of our process which starts with a AAA (Actual Aboriginal Achievement) rating of a company’s current state of play as well as an outline on the company intent and ROI in investing in Aboriginal participation.

Here’s What To Do Next!

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