Play On Our Team

If you’re willing to play a role in adding value to your own life and to the business where you will be part of a team, you best sign up.

If you are commencing your work career or looking to get back in the game, get in contact with us by completing the form on this page and follow the easy steps. ARG will help get you started and on the right path to land a job.

Our game plan is to set you up for success.  So to play on our clients or the ARG Contract Services team, all of our players undertake our LiFeFit Work Talent Development Program to know what it takes to be a “complete player” to enjoy your work and your family life .

We want you to play the game well for a long time.  This is about long-term results for you and the work community you will be part of.

What You’ll Get From Our LifeFit Program

  • You will learn about a work game you can play

  • You will understand the fitness and commitment needed to play on a team

  • You will understand a game plan and the rules of the game

  • You will be shown strategies to succeed and play the game well

  • You will know what it takes to be the complete player on and off the field

  • You will know the position that best suits you on the team

Uncover Your Career Opportunities!

ARG frequently visits high schools all around Australia to let students know about local and national career opportunities.  With access to innovative software you can work out what jobs will suit you in 90 minutes.  ARG will  inform you about who the good companies are to get yourself in a position to play on their team as well as current and future available job opportunities.

ARG is your wingman to link you with the industries, careers and companies suitable for you.

Here’s How To Contact Us

If you’d like any more information on how to play on our team and be part of the LifeFit Program you can get in touch with us by calling directly on 0458 060 873 or filling out our contact form below.


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